Behemoth - The Apostasy & Ezkation CD


The Apostasy is everything we love about Behemoth, crazy fast riffs by the pound, skull-shattering drums and growls that would make the devil run away his tail between his legs. It’s blackened death metal in its purest, heaviest form. This band, actually, seems to be the only one who tried and merge black and death metal without failing miserably. The perfect combination of the harshness and speed of death metal and the melody of black metal gives Behemoth a unique sound and unequaled intensity. With The Apostasy, the formation delivers a nearly flawless album with performances by artists at the top of their game. On the album, you’ll first realize that Nergal has returned to a more “articulate” growl, straying from his performance on Demigod where it was almost impossible to understand what he was screaming without having the lyrics handy. This change adds to the intensity of the album and helps into creating an overall crisper sound. Same goes with the drums, which sound extremely organic and natural, definitely not synthesized. You can tell they wanted to recreate a purer, rawer atmosphere for this album, like they had on Zos Kia Cultus and Thelema.6 with the exception that this time, their budget allowed a much nicer production quality.