BEHEMOTH - Satanica LP (Black Vinyl)

BEHEMOTH - Satanica LP (Black Vinyl)

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Regular cover sleeve, heavy 180 gram black vinyl. Includes a printed inner sleeve with lyrics.

Satanica was a turning point for Behemoth, the album where they stepped off the beaten path and embraced the style of blackened death metal for which they are now best known. Despite the strength of their very early black metal work (they still play "Moonspell Rites" from And the Forests Dream Eternally live for a reason), they were still merely recreating an already established style. Satanica's preceding album Pandemonic Incantations had a vague death metal vibe, but it was a sloppy mess of unoriginal Norsecore at its root, and at best hinted towards what Behemoth would become. Satanica was it though, a death metal record that spoke of their black metal roots while bubbling with ideas that make it an incredibly enjoyable listen. This album is the first example of what has since made them one of death metal's most well known bands, and shows that why they deserve their acclaimed status.