Behemoth - Messe Noir 2-LP (Silver vinyl)


“Messe Noire: Live Satanist” captures a Behemoth concert in Warsaw during the touring cycle for “The Satanist.” The black mass shows the aforementioned album played in its entirety, such as it was during shows promoting “The Satanist,” intermixed with other Behemoth classics. I have seen Behemoth live a few times myself, and “Messe Noire” shows the usual live experience: death metal, blast beats, spooky visuals, spooky costumes, flashing lights, mockeries of Catholic traditions (also spooky), Nergal in a pseudo-hoodie, and a departing reminder to hail the dark lord. Unless they capture a truly special moment, DVD releases like this are usually pointless. However, this was significant; the homecoming to Warsaw, not to mention Behemoth’s resurgence after Nergal had recovered from leukemia and the return to form marked by “The Satanist,” which was performed in its entirety during its support run.