BEHEMOTH - And The Forest Dream Eternally Gatefold LP (Black Vinyl)

BEHEMOTH - And The Forest Dream Eternally Gatefold LP (Black Vinyl)

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Contains the 1997 EP "Bewitching the Pomerania" as bonus tracks on side B (tracks 2-4).

I am a big fan of Behemoth, both their old and new work, but I can't really say that the band has ever released anything better than this MCD.

It is pretty unique, compared to anything else they've done too, as there's more attitude, many solos and no keyboards at all.

Song wise, it is very straightforward and perhaps not incredibly original, but on the other hand; there's a huge variance between the songs. Transylvanian Forest (having a pretty lame intro, I must confess) being straightforward and a bit punkish, Moonspell Rites being a slow, moody piece with a lasting solo. Sventevith, the third song, is quite epic sounding, while Pure Evil & Hate is complete Bathory worship. The last song, Forgotten Empire of Dark Witchcraft is a solemn, melodic and great outro song.

Production wise, it is perfected as well. It is raw, cold and unforgiving, yet every single instrument can be closely distinguished. That is, even the bass, which actually plays something interesting. The snare drum, by the way, sounds incredibly odd, but it adds to the rawness.

The vocal performance here is also very good. Not very original either, just outstanding. It is very high in the mix, together with the drums, while the guitars and bass are a bit in the back.

It has a perfect length also. Hell, everything is perfect about this release.

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