Bedemon - Child Of Darkness -CD


Bedemon did the works gathered here in the years 1971-1974. Just a little after Black Sabbath started the whole thing with their 1970 debut album. The Americans are a lot like their British counterparts, but there are some differences: first, they are not as popular, they are hardly popular at all - of course Sabbath are idols, but Bedemon should be better known; second: they went into even heavier music.

The collection here is a bunch of simple-riffed songs. That's one of their best advantages, because it's those riffs - in "Child of Darkness" or "Serpent's Venom" - that the listener remembers best. The vocals compose well with the music, they are not shouted but sung in a melodic way, which makes the songs more listenable than the modern stuff. Along with the lyrics - well-written, going into dark and sad aspects of humanity and spirituality. At the time - it was extreme. For now it seems very much interesting how good music could be created, catchy and melodic, but heavy at the time and giving a cold chill.

The quality of the tapes is, well, bootleg. But it doesnt matter at all, because here we see what doom metal originally was and what it should be like. And this album should be like popularized!