Beastmilk ‎– Climax -CD


Beastmilk is a an Apocalyptic Post-Punk Band from Helsinki, Finland

The members are:

goatspeed - guitars
kvohst - vocals
paile - drums
arino - bass

In theory Beastmilk is a band I shouldn't really be reviewing as I am not the biggest Post-Punk fan. Something just doesn't agree with me and Post-Punk bands. I usually give them a wide berth to listen to a band that I am more suitable to. But Beastmilk are definitely exception to the rule as their debut album - Climax - impressed me in a major way.

They must have some talent as Converge Legend - Kurt Ballou - produced Climax. If it's good enough for Kurt to produce then it's good enough for me to check out. And what did I think of the album after listening to it. WOW - This is an incredible ride from start to finish.