BATHORY - Bathory LP (Black Vinyl)

BATHORY - Bathory LP (Black Vinyl)

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In a genre plagued by excessive tremolo picking, overlong and under-structured songs, poor performances and unoriginal themes where relatively very few acts manage to get it right, Bathory somehow perfected black metal almost a decade before black metal was a widely used term. This record exists as proof that black metal was never closer to its peak than right at the time of its invention, circa 1981-1986. But, you've probably heard this a million times before from every reviewer and metal blogger/youtuber on the planet, so I'll explain why I hold this album at such an iconic position. Firstly, it has a perfect run of 8 classic tracks. The record is short, standing at about 23 minutes if you skip the wind intros and outros, but the concise execution of these songs results in a very focused, controlled outcome. The album as a whole consists of simple song structures that are done very well, without ever overusing riffs or relying on lazy instrumental sections. Speaking of which, virtually every riff is amazing. Hades features possibly the best black metal riff ever written, and the standard doesn't fall much throughout the record.

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