BARREN EARTH - The Devil's Resolve LP (Black Vinyl)
Barren Earth

BARREN EARTH - The Devil's Resolve LP (Black Vinyl)

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Barren Earth should require little introduction, this Finnish supergroup have been kicking it since 2007 and this is their second full-length release “The Devil’s Resolve”. Welding Melodic Death Metal with 70’s style Progressive Rock, Barren Earth are the sonic equivalent of a winning lottery ticket for a prog-nut like me.

Take “Elegy” period Amorphis, add healthy doses of mid-period Opeth and Edge of Sanity roll up and smoke said concoction to the sounds of Riverside or Porcupine Tree and once the haze clears you’ll be facing Barren Earth. If you enjoyed the latest In Mourning album I reviewed then this one will be right up your street, and is certainly of a similar quality. A good base of comparison from the get-go, and as far as production goes is if you did hear the latest In Mourning, “The Devil’s Resolve” is a much warmer sounding album, and definitely feels a little more natural.

Admittedly “The Devil’s Resolve” did require a few listens for it to fully gel. It wasn’t until I sat down and truly focused on the album and each of its aspects that I fully appreciated what Barren Earth had done. A dynamic, progressive album; “The Devil’s Resolve” should be high priority for any Progressive Metal fan. There is a suitable level of depth here that will keep the listener coming back for more which is one of the many reasons why “The Devil’s Resolve” is a such a special release.

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