Axegressor - Command LP (Black vinyl)


Axegressor hail from Finland. They have released three full-lengths so far and already their debut "Command" made clear that these guys have the right attitude. The line-up is definitely free from any form of nice sons-in-law and the group's general sound is characterised by hostility and ugliness. A crucial factor for this appearance is the raw, robust and husky voice of lead singer "Johnny Nuclear Winter". Don't think that this name is moronic. In terms of absurd humour, his former pseudonym - Hellvis Perversley - remains untouched, but that's another story. In a nutshell, these Finns are great. Furthermore, their self-mocking mindset must be mentioned. The lyrics of the closer, which is simultaneously the band anthem, leave no doubt: "We're not perfect / To play like the pro's / Not classically educated / We're not one of those". Well said.