AVULSED - Deathgeneration 2-CD

AVULSED - Deathgeneration 2-CD

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Spanish Legends Avulsed are still there 25 years after their first release, their demo "Embalmed in Blood" (I'm writting this review in 2021, so it already makes them 30 years active). One of the few Spanish bands still active since early 90's, along with Fermento, and one of the longest life death metal bands worlwide. This one is a 2CD 'Greatests Hits' compilation, and I expected the original tracks but I got pleasantly surprised by the fact that every track has been re-recorded for the occasion with a superb production and sound. I think it's a great idea, since they include tracks ranging from their early demos ("Addicted to Carrion"), through their all-time classic "Carnivoracity" (I have always loved this one, as it was the first I ever heard), to a selection of songs from all their albums for a total of 18 tracks, also featuring a different guest vocalist on each track, some as legendary as Sven de Calluwé from Aborted, Mike ex-Sinister, John McEntee from Incantation, Will Rahmer from Mortician, Chris Reifert from Autopsy or Paul Zavaleta from Deteriorot. Apart from this selection with guest vocalists and a brand new sound on CD#1, the original version of the same songs are included on CD#2, with their original rancid sound but in a chronological order.

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