Avichi ‎– Catharsis Absolute Gatefold - LP


Whatever remaining obscurity Avichi may have been enjoying should hopefully be eradicated with this release. Hailing from Chicago, Illinois, Avichi has managed to fly under the radar in the US black metal scene despite two strong releases, and new full-length Catharsis Absolute contains some of their best work to date.

The six-track album is bookended by instrumental piano intro and outro tracks so the meat of the album is unfortunately just four songs, but what the album lacks in quantity it more than makes up for in quality. Each song seaes Avichi’s elemental blackened fury take a different form, so Catharsis Absolute should have something to offer no matter what style of black metal you prefer. ‘Flames In My Eyes’ is a typically murky, tremolo-picked wasteland, while ‘Lightweaver’ infuses Avichi’s moribund onslaught with some refreshingly upbeat rock-based lines. ‘Voice of Intuition,’ which might be my favorite cut on the album, mixes brooding downtempo drudgery with a vicious recurring motif, and the last real track ‘All Gods Fall’ is a sparse slow-burner that recalls Blut Aus Nord’s twisted syncopated madness.

Catharsis Absolute has pretty much everything I look for in a quality black metal release. Its short running time ensures that there’s not a lot of filler, and the multifaceted quality of the songwriting really illustrates Avichi’s talent and creativity while making each new listen a slightly different experience. It feels like this album should be from Germany or Scandinavia and not the US due to how well it captures the essence of the genre while simultaneously carving its own path. This a very impressive release.