AVENGER  - II Killer Elite CD

AVENGER - II Killer Elite CD

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Fuck I love Avenger! This phenomenally original and epic band are consistently blowing my mind with powerful songs, and technical prowess. Killer Elite was the second album I heard of this great band, having being recently dominated by the power of ‘Blood Sports’ – another masterwork – I decided to have a crack at their next offering. Killer Elite is an all out melodic metal assault retaining touches of NWOBHM and thrash.

Just an excellent album – it’s an unstoppable metal assault with a tonne of attitude and energy. “Watch the crowd – they’re going fucking nuts!” is a lyric in the speed metal anthem ‘MM 85’ which just slaaaaaaaaaays. Quite a lot of songs packed into this one too, with twelve. All songs are good, with the skill of the twin guitar approach being pretty obvious right throughout. Listening to this one again I’m absolutely blown away, and may have to give it my highest rating yet. Cannot recommend this album enough to any fan of classic heavy metal – it’s just great.