Avenger - Feast Of Anger / Joy Of Despair LP (Black vinyl)


They've really outdone themselves this time. I think that hiatus was just what Honza needed to bring Avenger to that next level. I got into them when I hear their album, "The Fall of..." and later on, through various connections I have, acquired their other two albums at the time. I saw how they had evolved and grown from "Shadows..." and I liked the progression they had made, but then "Godless" was a bit of a disappointment after hearing how they had come along. So then we don't hear much of anything out of the Avenger camp, until now...

This album takes that same dark, organic tone and feel that I described a while back on my review of "The Fall of..." and improves on it with more clarity, and a much stronger tone with more crunch to it, while still maintaining that dark, organic sound and feel. This gives the album more punch and drive than the previous ones did, and also makes it a little more harsh and abrasive, and a little less smooth. Imagine that "The Fall of..." was a moss covered rock. This album is a rough sandstone with very little moss.