Avenger - Bohemian Dark Metal LP (Black vinyl)


With a nocturnal atmosphere already setting the stage for the album, everything is there to make an epic, chaotic and outrageous ''Dark Metal'' album. While still not being the most groundbraking music of the past few years, Avengers recent effort stands out to be an exeptional release, mustering slighty varied soumnds together to form a distinct sound of their own. While this may not be something worth creating a whole new sub-genre for it still stands out much more than other typical black-death hybrids with its energetic way of combining the two in a way that doesen't happen quite often. Avenger show even more promise because they hail from the Chech Republic, a country that isn't necessarily the home of metal. Either way, ''Bohemian Dark Metal'' is a brilliant epic death metal album suitable for any fan of extreme metal.