AUTOPSY - The Tomb Within LP (Black Vinyl)

AUTOPSY - The Tomb Within LP (Black Vinyl)

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The Tomb Within is not the first new Autopsy music since 1995. When Peaceville issued a remastered 20th-anniversary edition of Severed Survivor in 2009, the band included two new songs on the second CD included in that special set, "Horrific Obsession" and "Feast of the Graveworm", which were recorded in September 2008. The five songs on the new EP further show that Autopsy has lost none of the demented genius that made them so influential 20 years ago.

It goes without saying that the music is heavy and primal, with the guitars tuned to subterranean depths of distorted reverberation and a thundering low end courtesy of Reifert's drumming and Joe Trevisano bass. Reifert's vocals are also hair-raisingly inhuman, veering from throaty, bestial gutturals to spectral shrieks and agonizing groans. It's the soundtrack to an exorcism gone terribly wrong.

But there is much more to set The Tomb Within apart from the legions of current old-school imitators. The rhythms are intricate, the tempos unpredictable, the time signatures inconstant. This is not tech-death extremity, but an organic, earthy variability that enhances the interest of the music without sacrificing its primal groove. And as was true of the Autopsy of old, just when you least expect it, white-hot bursts of lead-guitar shred erupt out of the songs, in stark contrast to the crushing low-end grind and drone.

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