AUTOPSY - The Headless Ritual LP (Black Vinyl)

AUTOPSY - The Headless Ritual LP (Black Vinyl)

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It's great that despite the release of "The Headless Ritual" only 2 years after the return material from 2011, the album enjoyed little less interest than "Macabre Eternal". However, it quickly turns out that it's much less favorable, mainly because of the cover! This one is ugly and nasty, of course, but it fits perfectly with the "sick" style of Autopsy - it's hard to expect any colorful or without corpses from them. Anyway, some prematurely criticized the band and - consequently - accused that Chris Reifert and the rest of the band released it just to keep the "Macabre..." hype and get even more money. Oh and not! Out of this whole confusion, the music on "The Headless Ritual" has a lot to offer anyway and is not an ordinary continuation of its predecessor.

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