AUTOPSY - Shitfun LP (Black Vinyl)

AUTOPSY - Shitfun LP (Black Vinyl)

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180 gram black vinyl in a single LP jacket with a printed inner sleeve.
Digitally remastered at Transfermation 2003.

I know this album has been talked about a lot by the long time fans of Autopsy as being an album that's been overlooked and under appreciated. And I've read some reviews on this website basically saying that this album is not that great when in fact it is and it really needs to be listened to again to appreciate how good it really is. I know that there's people that love the Mental Funeral and Severed Survival lps as do i but this album has a lot of great elements that autopsy were known for ... a lot of doomier moments some crazy fast stuff some really great riffs some intricate and some of the craziest vocals that Chris Reifert probably has ever delivered in his lifetime. I mean listen to the song 'Shiteater' it's really crazy what he does with the vocals and some of the most insane screams he comes up with on it.


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