Autopsy - Retribution For The Dead MLP (Black vinyl)


This release started to slightly distance itself from past thrash influences. And goes for a more slower pace with the songs, using a fair amount of single notes and slow moving chords to progress the song into many different highlights. Although, there are definitely moments where they stride at a gallop, or mid-paced section. Also, these slower sections help them utilize the dual guitar segments. As well as the drums, which use the toms quite often.

Strapped and ready to go, were Autopsy before Mental Funeral. So much, that they added this release in close proximity of each other. Die hard fan or not, whether you purchase this, download it, or just plain pick up either surrounding release by them, it is worth it to hear another tune by this band. This was the building climax to their darkest and most sinisterly creative creation: Mental Funeral.