AUTOPSY - Puncturing The Grotesque LP (Black Vinyl)

AUTOPSY - Puncturing The Grotesque LP (Black Vinyl)

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This is vintage death metal from this band. It's odd like most of their releases in what they sound like. I would say that this is worth a "B" rating. It's good musically and with the vocals not to mention the production quality. I liked this EP a lot, their newer material I'm more a fan of. The old stuff I have a hard time getting into. Maybe it's the sound of the guitars/bass that reared me away from most of their releases. I'd say that they just are an acquired taste of a band. The vocals are just weird. It's not your typical death metal band. They have their own unique vibe to them. I'd say they have had a pivotal career making their death metal.

I'm glad I got this EP because I'm able to appreciate their sound more and it's a little more modern in the sense that the recording quality is good. The music is good, too! The leads excellent as well. All of this under 30 minute release is worthy of praise. The tempos change around a lot. They are in a way "gore metal". Their sound on here is just underground. It's difficult to get into if you're looking for something fast all the time. Autopsy plays around with tempos. That doesn't make them any lesser of a band in doing this. They want to take you down to the underground sound.

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