AUTOPSY - Fiend For Blood MLP (Black Vinyl)

AUTOPSY - Fiend For Blood MLP (Black Vinyl)

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Autopsy often preceded their full-length albums with shorter recordings; demos in the early days, EPs once they got signed. These recordings are great. Each one beats its respective, subsequent album in terms of quality and extremity. That means the "Critical Madness" demo is better than the debut album, and the "Retribution for the Dead" EP is better than "Mental Funeral". True to form, "Fiend for Blood" is better than "Acts of the Unspeakable" too. Autopsy changed their sound each time, and seemed to be dipping their toes in the water before plunging in by releasing a full-length. Of course, the first three Autopsy albums are all great, which indicates how awesome these demos and EPs are.

"Fiend for Blood" was recorded near the end of 1991 (released in 1992). The band focused on the more chaotic, and speedier elements of “Mental Funeral” and ran with them. They de-emphasised the Black Sabbath bluesy influences, the proto-death/doom sound and (some) of the melody. The music on this EP is as busy and technically challenging as anything in the band’s catalogue. It consists of four proper songs and two hyper-fast, shorter numbers (more grindcore in spirit than any previous Autopsy material). The big addition is Steve DiGiorgio. He had already played session bass on "Severed Survival", but he gels with the band much better here. He adds a hyper-complex, proggy style that brings the first Sadus album to mind. Enlisting him was a masterstroke. His presence pushes Chris Reifert, Danny Coralles and Eric Cutler out of their musical comfort zones and the result is dynamite. Listen to the crazy solo at the end of "Squeal Like a Pig". This is brilliant stuff.

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