Autopsy - Fiend For Blood MLP


"Fiend for Blood" does have its moments and a few of them turn out to be creative swims into the perverse—those instances that stick with you after listening and have an actual "impact" on hacking into your brain waves. However, they were evolving and searching here, trying to find the next level of extremity and at the same instance expand themselves as musicians. This caused them to over reach at times with certain transitions, or even entire areas. In turn, this recording has some pieces in their song writing as if part of it was built up, and another part of it was "lett looSe" without actually looking back. Like they wanted it all: a rich flavored cake that was decorated by a baker who has a tendency to fidget, don't forget the sleazy stripper that pops out or even the cherry on top, except the occasion is too much to capture in one single event or was as well planned as they would have hoped. Essentially the issue with this EP is those areas aren't put together as collectively as one would want: Some sections might work in unison and really come together, and then others come across as either forced to fit with attempting to mix this or that genre, or just simply have riffs or vocal projections that turn out to be depreciable beyond so many listens. It's a real whopper of a conundrum with everything combined. On the other hand, the production is actually decently loud and separated for the style, and by having a layer of soiled, reverb-drenched film slightly helps when you switch tracks, giving this the necessary shadows around this kind of hideous blood-hungry monstrosity that Autopsy spawns in our heads from their release.