Autopsy - All Tomorrow's Funerals Digibook-CD


Let me begin by saying that I normally don’t write reviews for compilations, so why am I writing this one then? Well, for starters, it’s Autopsy we’re talking about so it’s difficult to pass a chance of reviewing one of their records, whichever format it is. And then there’s the fact that this compilation comes packing with some new songs, alongside the oldies from 1987 onwards. Indeed this is a release of gigantic proportions as we see the band reaching as back as their first demo to re-record “Mauled To Death”, then travel along the nineties with EPs like Retribution For The Dead and Fiend For Blood, as well as reaching out for the compilation track “Funereality” and the two new songs that marked their return with the Horrific Obsession single. To finalize this onslaught of filthy tunes The Tomb Within EP from 2010 is also present for the pleasure of those who’ve seen it become sold out. So in total, 22 tracks, with three being new ones (well four actually if you account for the creepy outro “Sign Of The Corpse”), and a remastering work done on the old stuff to bring it closer to their recent streak of murders; all of this brought along with yet another marvelously sick piece of artwork from Mr. Matt Cavotta, which is proving to be quite prolific in these days.