AURORA BOREALIS - Prophecy Is The Mold In Which History Is Poured LP (Black Vinyl)
AURORA BOREALIS - Prophecy Is The Mold In Which History Is Poured LP (Black Vinyl)
Aurora Borealis

AURORA BOREALIS - Prophecy Is The Mold In Which History Is Poured LP (Black Vinyl)

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400 copies limited edition on 140 gram vinyl with insert in a plastic protection sleeve.

Aggressive Blackened Death Metal with hooks and technical finesse that invokes the Ancient Gods!
Aurora Borealis has been around for years (going back to as far as 1994! and it has mostly self-released their albums.
Underground fanatics might remember the band reaching out to promote its music on forums back in the day and tracking its progress,
each album was a large improvement over the earlier ones.
And through time Aurora Borealis had great drummers ranked in its line-ups: Tony Laureano, Derek Roddy and Tim Yeung, which indicates
the quality and level we talk about here.
Aurora Borealis plays Black/Death Metal, remaining gritty not unlike Angelcorpse, but being more dynamic comparatively.
It has got unique themes and the album artworks represent that.

Musically, the band remains true to its original Black/Death sound but it’s doing it with far more potential and competency than the others.
It is not solely focused on being technical (which in a way it is) but it is varied and it is catchy.
Floridian Death Metal bands have much in common with the way Aurora Borealis structures its songs and there is the ever-present
Morbid Angel influence, infected with some early Malevolent Creation rabidity.

It’s got Death Metal in its genes, but Aurora Borealis takes the vitriol from Black Metal especially in the vocal department and gives
the music an edge that is hard to miss.
The hooks make this album special, because writing good songs can be safely left in the hands of founding member Ron Vento.
“Prophecy is the Mold in Which History is Poured” is an accomplished effort, where the band has used its almost three decades of experience
to make sure it’s as potent as ever, probably better.
In times where numbing brutality is the order of the day, Aurora Borealis surely stands out, heads and shoulders above.

• Recorded at Nightsky Recording for a blasting experience
• Artwork by Mike Hrubovcak, known for creating art for Lord Belial, Grave, Mortician, Sinister and more
• Videos made for the tracks “The House Of Nimrod” and “Founding Fathers of Deception”
• Aurora Borealis is know for its excellent drummers, now and in the past, currently Mark Green (ex-Pyrexia)
• Interesting artwork and lyrics about ancient civilizations and the Ancient Gods

For fans of: Angelcorpse, Morbid Angel, Absu, Immortal, Nile

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