Auroch - Stolen Angelic Tongues LP (Red/Orange/Magenta Merge vinyl)


 Red / Orange / Magenta Tri-Color Merge With Neon Yellow Splatter vinyl

Considering how one-dimensional a lot of modern black/death is, it's refreshing and pleasantly surprising that Auroch manage to sustain your interest over the course of a 20 minutes, even with relatively little diversity in their songwriting. They're slowly carving off all the unnecessary bits and pieces of their music and adding a few new ones along the way. Stolen...is the band's best work so far, but what makes this exciting is you can tell there's still more to come, and I could see Auroch making an even better album in a few years. They've finally found their sound and become comfortable with it, now they've just gotta push it as far as it can go. Check this out if you're a fan of the new wave of Canadian occult black/death metal and you've been itching to hear a little more thrashiness in the mix.