AURA NOIR - The Merciless CD
Aura Noir

AURA NOIR - The Merciless CD

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Short, but so fuckin sweet - this is what I could say about “The Merciless”. It’s one of my favourite, if not THE favourite Aura Noir album. Sur, it has strong competitors from “Black Thrash Attack” and “Deep Tracts of Hell”, but I have to say that for me “The Merciless” is near perfection. It's complete old school black / thrash metal album, where all songs absolutely possessed me. There’s not a single minute wasted here, every song is a killer and these near 30 minutes of music are absolutely brilliant.

Anyway, every song here is a winner and the whole album feels like a bunch of potential hits with absolutely fantastic riffs, great arrangements and memorable chorus parts. There's no weak part on “The Merciless”, really. The whole music breaks necks and rip the guts out and listening to it is a pure pleasure, in my opinion. Songs such as “Upon the Dark Throne”, “Condor”, “Black Metal Jaw” or “Merciless” are most impressive. Production wise “The Merciless” is also spot on, it sounds harsh and organic, yet powerful and ass kicking. So, just as I wrote earlier... a damn close to perfection, if not perfect, fuckin record! I love it.

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