AURA NOIR - Deep Tracts Of Hell CD
Aura Noir

AURA NOIR - Deep Tracts Of Hell CD

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This album is nothing less than a black thrash masterpiece. In fact I think that I might embarrass myself in the course of this review by tripping over my own superlative adjectives. I fear, however, that there is really not much danger in making myself look like a fool when it comes to praising this great band. This is simply one of the best albums of the year.

What makes it so good? The raw unbridled passion, the anger and ferocity burned into the grooves of this album. This is so incredibly over the top in terms of savage power that it's stunning and eye-opening at the same time: Aura Noir make the rest of the scene look like they have been asleep through the '90s.

For those of you who don't know this band very well, it has mainly been said of them that they are trying to take the 'retro' sound of bands like Sodom and Destruction and bring that approach to metal into the present. I think that on their two earlier efforts, 'Dreams like Deserts" (what a great title) and "Black Thrash Attack" they crystallized that methodology, presenting us with music that was a faithful tribute to the '80s German bands. This is something else entirely. They have found their own voice now.

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