ATROPHY - Socialized Hate LP (Black Vinyl)

ATROPHY - Socialized Hate LP (Black Vinyl)

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Atrophy's first full-length 'Socialized Hate' is easily some of the highest quality 80's Thrash of all time. The band were ahead of their time in some ways, but even when seemingly embracing mediocrity on certain tracks, no true metalhead can resist headbanging at maximum velocity when tracks like 'Preacher, Preacher', 'Beer Bong', or the ruthless title track hit the stereo.

Part of the 'Unholy Phoenix, AZ Thrash Metal Triumvirate' (The other two being Sacred Reich and Flotsam) Atrophy really had a novel approach, even when compared to the other two bands, who arguably have achieved way more renown in their careers. Their technique, for one, is way more proficient. The entire band is - even at this early stage - VERY tight. And it pays off, as Atrophy pull quite a few technical tricks out of the proverbial hat. The result is some blazing guitar-work (ala the brutal guitar solo on 'Preacher, Preacher') and drumming that at times can border on straight-forward blasting.

The production is perhaps a little high for a Thrash Metal act, maybe a preview of what's to come with 'Violent by Nature', but for the relentless Thrash Attack that is 'Socialized Hate', it fits like a Glove (of Metal). Hearing that Metal Mind has just added this record to the list of late-80's Thrash and Speed Metal re-releases that RoadRunner has allowed - up till this point - to... well, atrophy, is great news for metalheads, indeed. Pick this Metal assault up while you have the chance. You won't regret it.

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