Atrophy - Chemical Dependency LP (Black vinyl)


I’ll tell anyone my fave Atrophy track is “Chemical Dependency”, the initial blast here and on their debut about half a year down the road. Always has been and probably always will be, even if this particular attack is a little less confidently mobile, a little looser around the edges, and has less bassy Bay Area snap during the breaks. Line up both versions (which are structurally the same) and you’ll see the more intense, concentrated lp version plow through the yellow tape about 25 seconds sooner, a testimony to Atrophy’s jump in overall severity over the half year, and the same carries over to the future of “Socialized Hate” but possibly to a slightly lesser extent. However, with this earlier rendition of “Chemical Dependency” we’re blessed with a shorter, more dramatic n’ doom-periled intro.