Atlantean Kodex - The Pnakotic Demos LP (Black vinyl)


Atlantean Kodex are a so-underground-it's-ridiculous band from Germany, and they are probably the best new band anywhere. For several years now this band has existed in the margins, releasing a track here and there on splits and compilations, but finally we have a concentrated dose of what this outfit is capable of with their debut EP The Pnakotic Demos.

This is heavy, emotional, powerful Epic Metal that brings to mind classics like Fates Warning and Warlord, with added influence from Manilla Road, Cauldron Born, even Omen. These are epic songs built on heavy riffing and haunting melody conjured by textured guitarwork and superior vocals. "From Shores Forsaken" sets the stage with a ten-minute workout of power and grace, followed by the propulsive "Marching Homeward", then the delicate acoustic ballad "The White Ship" shows what kind of beauty this band is capable of with a song that sounds like an ancient folk ballad carried away from sinking Hy Brasil. Then "The Hidden Folk" pounds forth with yet more epic thunder. It is not possible to express how cool this is with just words, you have to hear it. Just imagine the ideal music you hope to hear when you hunt out a new band that calls itself 'Epic True Metal' - imagine the underground sound and powerful riffs and vocals evoking ancient lands and lost empires - that is this music. This is everything you could want.

Atlantean Kodex are a band that seems to enjoy being unknown, and we may never get a real album out of them, I don't know. But this...this is amazing. If you call yourself a fan of Epic Metal then you have to have this. Trust me, if you ever have. You must have this. A band so brilliant it borders on frightening.