ATLAIN - Living In The Dark CD

ATLAIN - Living In The Dark CD

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Official Rerelease - Track 10 and 11 are Bonus Tracks

Atlain is among a massive amount of bands in Germany that never got the deserved attention. This is not their fault, because coming from the early 80's, heavy metal was one the most popular music genres in the world and thousands of bands spawned everywhere. Even in Germany, a lot of new bands became a part of the scene that is to become one of the greatest in the metal world. Unfortunately for Atlain, they played a less innovative heavy metal style then other acts of the country. By the time of 1984-1985, bands like Sodom and Destruction were already pushing the genre to the extreme and this is what people got interested in. Does it make the album "Living in the Dark" not valuable or Atlain bad? Absolutely not!

Unfortunately, the band disappeared into the oblivion and we never heard of them again, only the drummer made a passage in the ranks of Rage for a few records. At least we have some epic stuff to enjoy despite of that. I really recommend giving this album a serious listen. If you are a fan of 80's German heavy and speed metal, I have no doubt you will appreciate and dig Atlain's stuff pretty quickly.

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