AT THE GATES - Terminal Spirit Disease CD
At The Gates

AT THE GATES - Terminal Spirit Disease CD

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This was the first At The Gates album I bought. When I first bought this album, I almost listened to the entire CD the first day. This album features some melodic guitar work, which I think is really good. I also like the straight forward riffs as well. The intro of The Swarm is pretty cool. Not every death metal uses a violin in their songs. I think what At The Gates did was original. If you make someone listen to this song without knowing who the band is, they make think it's just some violin piece or whatever. They will be really surprised to listen what comes after that.

The title track is the best one in my opinion. Tomas Lindberg is a really powerful vocalist. He uses his vocals really well on this song. I like that scream he does around the 1:40 mark of the song. The drumming from Adrian Erlandsson is excellent on that song as well.

And The World Returned is a pretty interesting instrumental track. It sounds a little eerie, but that's what makes it good.

As for the rest of the songs, they got their good points. I really like the fact that they put live tracks on this album. The quality of these live tracks are really excellent, in my opinion. Kingdom Gone sounds extremely good live. It is the longest track on the whole album. All of the live songs are classic At The Gate songs, especially All Life Ends and The Burning Darkness. They sound better live than in the studio.

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