At The Gates - Terminal Spirit Disease CD


At The Gates fans tend to fall into two categories: those who prefer their earlier, more progressive works exemplified by The Red In The Sky Is Ours, and those who prefer the simplistic, locked in groove of Slaughter of the Soul. Personally, I think both sides have their drawbacks although I generally prefer the earlier works. Although they are inconsistent and not well produced, it's better than the predictable verse-chorus stylings and teen angst lyrics on Slaughter of the Soul. 

Terminal Spirit Disease exists in a twilight between two polarizing eras - lacking the adventurous song structures of the Alf era, or the overt mainstream style of SoTS. Instead, we get songs that are longer and more complex than SoTS, but still in the same basic verse/chorus format. Although this guarantees that purists in both camps will find something to dislike about Terminal Spirit Disease (hence the generally low score), this is actually a fucking killer little album that does not get due recognition.