ASPHYX - God Cries Gatefold LP (Black Vinyl)

ASPHYX - God Cries Gatefold LP (Black Vinyl)

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Isn’t it weird. One of the most unknown and unpopular albums from Asphyx is actually my favorite one. Being the only album without guitarist Eric Daniels (who had just disbanded a totally different incarnation of Asphyx with Ron van Pol and Sander van Hoof), this album was written and recorded by original drummer Bob Bachus and demo bassplayer-vocalist Theo Loomans who also played guitar this time. Although DeadHead guitarist Ronnie v/d Wey is mentioned in the line-up of Asphyx at this stage, I’ve read somewhere he in fact only played live with the band and not on this album(!)

Whereas Asphyx normally included huge amounts of doom on their albums, this was almost totally absent on God Cries, giving the impression this could hardly have been called a regular Asphyx album. Maybe that's why some fans didn't like it much. Yet I did and I know I am not alone in this. The album is a short, straight forward and fast piece of brutal death metal with some thrash metal riffs thrown in. Catchy tunes with high standard riffing and one of the best drumming performances from Bob Bachus in his entire Asphyx career. Was Theo Loomans better than Martin van Drunen? Yes, in a way he was! Their vocals didn’t differ that much but Loomans turned out to be a gifted instrumentalist and composer.

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