ASPHYX - Asphyx Gatefold 2-LP (Orange Vinyl)

ASPHYX - Asphyx Gatefold 2-LP (Orange Vinyl)

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This is excellent doom/death metal, a genre with few albums but many great ones. Perhaps this is the genre of death metal with the fewest slip ups, although I might be wrong, my knowledge of doom proper is very limited, a mistake I am working on, to be sure. My knowledge of doom/death is something that is not so limited, and has yet left me with about an 80% of decent and above albums. Asphyx is the fucking king of the doom/death genre, in my opinion, along with Winter. This album is their masterpiece, their best, the equivalent of Sinister’s ‘Hate’. The riffs are slow, mournful, and heavy as fuck. The main emphasis on this album is heaviness, to the detriment of everything else. This is slower the their previous albums, so slow it barely even moves at times, slowing down to merely a pulse, and that pulse is the beat of someone dying of heart failure.

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