ASPHYX - Asphyx 2-LP (Orange Vinyl)

ASPHYX - Asphyx 2-LP (Orange Vinyl)

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Nope, Ron van Pol’s vocals weren’t the most exciting vocals in Asphyx history. Of course it’s not easy to replace Theo Loomans and Martin van Drunen (unless you’re Karl Willetts). Still they were nothing more than adequate. And that’s simply not good enough for a band with this status. But to be honoust, that was the only thing to complain about regarding Asphyx’s third full length album.

‘Depths of Eternity’ picks up where ‘Last One On Earth’ had left us: Dynamic and brutal death metal with some excellent doom thrown in. Same goes for the album as a whole although the quality of ‘Last One On Earth’ remained unequalled. The compositions weren’t as blunt as earlier recordings. This time they didn’t always stick to basics. The production was less heavy (though still great) and in a way more ‘mature’. It was more transparent but without losing intensity.

The highlight on ‘Asphyx’ is - of course – the recording of their classic demosong ‘Thoughts Of An Atheist’. They even called in original member Tonny Brookhuis to play the intro and solo. The result is simply the best version ever recorded. Too bad Theo didn’t sing on this recording because musically it shatters the ‘Embrace The Dead’ version (which was sloppy and lacked the Brookhuis parts, Blasphemy!). And what about the other demosong, ‘Abomination Echoes’. Now all the classic songs from their ‘Crush The Cenotaph’ had finally been re-recorded and released on regular releases. Thank you Asphyx!