Árstíðir Lífsins ‎– Jötunheima Dolgferð - Digipak -CD


Take some black metal roots - think about something around Primordial - and them add folk textures and instrumentations (violins, flutes, etc), ambient parts, clean singing, a few ethereal female vocals, spoken words, samples of natural sounds (gulls and waves and others). Granted, just piling it up does not do this album justice; at least you get a glimpse of it.
But the main word to describe this album is certainly storytelling. The long-winded songs, with all their meandering and their acoustic and/or ambient interludes, do have a real cinematic feel to them. And the use of Icelandic, being so close to the heart of the matter, does add a lot to the atmosphere. It sounds so true and lifelike at times…