ARCHGOAT - Worship The Eternal Darkness Digipack CD

ARCHGOAT - Worship The Eternal Darkness Digipack CD

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Comes in a 4-panel Digipak with a 16-page booklet.

Ambient soundscapes begin our journey with the familiar sounds of demonic voices, orgasms and goats, a sentence that will make perfect sense to fans of this music and maybe alienate others, which is fine. Those christ-hammering drums launch right into a bestial onslaught of diabolic metal with violent riffing and snarling vocals to complete the power-trios formidable sound in all of its linear, regressive glory. Primitive blasphemous warfare fills the air with the familiar sound of Archgoat’s inimitable storm of chaos, truly a monstrous cacophony to behold with its dense production. Continuing from its predecessor in the use of some subtle ambience to accentuate the more atmospheric side of their barbarism, there is an undeniably foreboding darkness present on this record that seeps into the grinding violence to add nuance without weakening the bludgeoning brutality at hand. These subtleties make it certain that the demonic hordes will salivate at the sheer savagery of this new Archgoat material while offering a mature and refined denomination of their profane malice.

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