ARCHGOAT - All Christianity Ends LP (Red/Black Spinner Vinyl)
ARCHGOAT - All Christianity Ends LP (Red/Black Spinner Vinyl)

ARCHGOAT - All Christianity Ends LP (Red/Black Spinner Vinyl)

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Pressed on blood red w/ black spinner effect heavy vinyl.
Side B contains no music but features a white screen print.
Comes with a 2-page 12"x12" insert and a download card.

A classically Archgoat introduction starts us off with disquiet and ambience, giving us that brooding and unwelcoming feeling that is very familiar. A raw storm of bludgeoning drums and gravelly riffs come out of nowhere with a monstrous cacophony of sonic hellfire, noisy and chaotic. “Ascension Towards The Promethean Fire” is a well-chosen name for this opening assault which gives us a wide array of hideous soundscapes before going straight for the jugular on “Crown Cloaked With Death”. The stomping blasphemy meets those visceral snarling vocals and delivers pure destruction, the old way. Archgoat are a band whose lengthy existence has been consistent and yet evolved (on their terms) while retaining their core elements. This clearly revisits the old days of the bands earlier works in its far less refined state which is sublime in its own right. While the new album showed some more diversity in their sound, this is stripped back to the basics with only the most primitive forms savagery prevailing in this form. Subtle synths keep that ritual touch to the tribal rhythmic battering while demonic apparitions take the front position with a malicious and scathing assault across all four hymns.

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