Angel Dust ‎- Marching For Revenge LP (Black vinyl)


Hailing from Germany, Angel Dust were one of the more lesser known artists in the metal scene, yet since their resurface in 1998 with Border of Reality they have surged into a much wider audience with a slew of top-notch power metal albums. Their earlier albums are extremely rare; 1986's "Into The Dark Past" was their debut - a speed/thrash album sounding typical, and definitely outdated, yet of pretty damn good caliber. And "To Dust You Will Decay" in 1988 which featured a much more dominant power metal vibe. In 1985 however, the band released a demo titled "Marching For Revenge," and while I can only speak for myself when I say I prefer their earlier thrash era, I can honestly tell you that this tape is FAR better than their later thrash albums