Ancient - Svartalvheim LP (Black vinyl)


Svartalvheim goes for a grim sound driven by evil, trudging riffs that whip up a storm just from the sheer tone of the guitar. There's also a lot more bass present in this to flesh out the tone. That tone is what truly sets this album apart, it's thick and low, it just seems to consist of a pure sonic extract of evil and darkness distilled into a vile black mist, giving the songs a huge boost in atmosphere, crunch, and pure down and dirty satanic evil. It gives the riffs and melodies the oomph and obscure darkness that they need to stick with you and make you curious enough for repeat listens. This tone is also helped along by the occasional inclusion of acoustic guitars which are also very low and slow to add some delicacy and calmness while still giving off an air of all-enveloping mystic blackness. I could go on about the tone all day, but I'm pretty sure you want to hear about the actual pieces of music, moving on.