ANCIENT RITES - Rvbicon LP (Black Vinyl)
ANCIENT RITES - Rvbicon LP (Black Vinyl)
Ancient Rites

ANCIENT RITES - Rvbicon LP (Black Vinyl)

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Limited to 500 copies. 250 copies on standard black vinyl (this one) and 250 on swamp green vinyl.
Comes with a double-sided printed insert.

Comparing Rvbicon with previous albums, I have to say it’s a very strong album, on the same (high) level as Dim carcosa. This release was worth waiting five years! A very complete album that grows every time you listen to it. Ancient Rites have done it again, the grandmasters of Belgian metal!

Ancient Rites have once again evolved with betraying their style. Having three guitars and seven members in the band has helped them for sure. Band has gone forward in every area. And despite of the fact, that I generally loathe technical skills, I must say this band knows how to use them. They never masturbate with their instruments, they play them skillfully and also manage to deliver the atmosphere of the ancient times with their music and lyrics. And that´s what Gunther wants. I can only pray I´ll see them soon live playing these tracks. Rvbicon i

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