Ancient Rites - Rubicon LP (Black vinyl)


Rvbicon is the new album of Belgian Black Metal pioneers Ancient Rites, being their fifth full-length in total. What has changed in the five (!) years after the previous release? First of all, Ancient Rites has two new members, a keyboard-player and a man who handles the bass in stead of frontman Gunter Theys, who from now on does vocals exclusively. The band who started out with three members is now a seven-headed band! They’ve also found a new label: Seasons of mist. There are some more changes and progressions to be noticed.

First of all, the music. Where Dim carcosa was said to be quite melodic, Ancient Rites has chosen to be even more melodic. The music itself has some Power Metal influences, very melodic guitar riffs and strong drums. The keyboard supports the music and gives it a surplus value. Still, this remains Black Metal, in a melodic way of speaking. The fans of the early days may not like the new approach, but this album is a great representation of the bands capacities.

Then, Gunthers vocals have changed a bit too. Overall he demonstrates again that he’s a great singer, with a lower approach in comparison with Dim Carcosa. But of course he also does the clean vocals. Besides, the female vocals on some songs (Ypres and Thermopylae) are very impressive and suit great with the music!