ANCIENT RITES - Blasfemia Eternal Digipack CD
Ancient Rites

ANCIENT RITES - Blasfemia Eternal Digipack CD

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Not only because of the chronology, Ancient Rites sophomore album was located at the interface between their black metallic debut and the opulent "Fatherland". "Blasfemia Eternal" did not lack of diabolic guitar lines and hammering drums, but it also rarely revealed less harsh tones, for example during the powerful yet melancholic "(Het verdronken land von) Saeftinge". However, the band had not been interested in creating a metal operetta. The stormy sequences gained the upper hand and one cannot compare this album with their later outputs such as "Dim Carcosa" or "Rubicon". Ancient Rites had recorded matured compositions without neglecting the will to destroy. The title track was just an intro that could be understood as the calm before the storm. The first regular track, "Total Misanthropia", broke the silence in a matter of seconds. It brought new fodder for the black metal maniacs that appreciated the violent debut of the band, in particular songs like the straight "Death Messiah".

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