ANCIENT - Eerily Howling Winds Digipack CD

ANCIENT - Eerily Howling Winds Digipack CD

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Issued as a 6-panel digipak with a 8-page booklet inserted into left panel.

Tracks 1-6 recorded July-October 1993.
Track 7 recorded 1992.
Tracks 8-9 recorded February 1994 (from Det glemte riket 7").
Tracks 10-11 recorded November 1994.

Ancient were one of the many third wave bands, when they were in their embryonic state of satanic mischief, and were still legit to name-drop. In fact I think it is still only if you refer to their early stuff. Main man Aphazel performing guitars has learned his black metal history and done his homework well with the first song being total The Return/Under The Sign-era of Bathory. It's 6minutes and 35 seconds of pure mid-tempo Norwegian black metal and no substitutes accepted. The riffs are totally headbangable/head-nodding epicness with acoustic breaks with spooky howling winds and then goes back into total Bathory worship. "Huldra Dans" (it is either misspelled here or on the "Det Glemte Riket" compilation, not sure.) is a showcase of a less majestic old-school Bathory and more in favor of old-school Burzum in Ancient completely nails the hypnotic, trance-inducing riffs that would be more popularized by acts as Xasthur. Keyboards are here, but kept to a minimum to give the song an extra push in terms of it being sooooo fucking killer. Oh and a guitar solo that's doesn't hurt this fact either.

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