ANATHEMA - Pentecost III LP (Black Vinyl)

ANATHEMA - Pentecost III LP (Black Vinyl)

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Next to My Dying Bride and Paradise Lost, Liverpool’s Anathema are somewhat the runt of the Peaceville three litter. Their debut ‘Serenades’ (1993) is one of those glorious meetings of creativity and lack of experience, something that usually invites adjectives like “charming”. ‘The Silent Enigma’ which followed in 1995 was certainly a more self-assured affair, but lacked the bold swagger of ‘Draconian Times’ or ‘The Angel and the Dark River’ that their label mates were throwing out at the time. But then there’s the ‘Pentecost III’ EP released that same year (although recorded in 1994), that arguably outdoes all the preceding works for a purer statement of gothic infused death doom. It may be an EP, but at over forty minutes in length it’s a significant work in its own right, one that takes the time to develop ideas over the course of its lengthy five tracks, emphasising the powerful manipulation of traditional melodic structures – a key strength of the genre – whilst still leaving plenty of room for blunt heaviness to take over at key junctures (see the ‘We, The Gods’ for example).

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