Anathema - Pentecost III CD


I’ve heard countless things said about Anathema and how good they are. After hearing a few tracks, I just couldn’t understand how they were so great. That was, until I heard Pentecost III. The vocals on this album are fronted by Darren White, instead of Vincent Cavanagh. Darren’s vocals fit perfectly with the atmosphere and music on this album. He gives of a wailing that sounds very emotional throughout the album. On Memento Mori he growls bit, but does not forget his wailing vocals. The guitars are all handled excellently also. The melodies on this album fit perfectly with the heavier riffing. The rhythm section is also very solid. The production also fits the album perfectly.

All songs on this album are great, but the highlights are definitely Kingdoms and We, the Gods. Both create a very depressive and suffocating atmosphere for the listener. Pentecost III is a nice instrumental that leads perfectly into Memento Mori which is the most aggressive song on here. All tracks have one thing in common, they have a doomy atmosphere. 

Over all Anathema have managed to create one very doomy album on this one. After listening to this masterpiece, you can only wonder what else this line-up would have created. Truly a Doom metal classic.