Anathema - Hindsight 2-LP (Black vinyl)


The set list is interesting and contains tracks from 'Eternity' to their last studio release. All of these songs sound enough like the originals to be easily discernable which leads to the aforementioned fault. The biggest difference would be the lack of Rock based drums and the distorted guitars. The vocals are a little different as well, perhaps toying with songs a little bit more than they originally did.

This is a very ambient album but its also very alternative. There is nothing rock about this, but its still very good. Anathema is perhaps the only Heavy Metal band to drop all their metal aspects and still appeal to the metal crowed. Its easy to see why they still play the bulk of the European Metal festivals and why they are slotted right in the middle of countless Black and/or Death Metal bands who continually think its cool to ape the same sound that 'Mayhem' or 'Death' created decades ago.

The sublime quality and over all soothing presence of this album is almost beyond words. Anathema has made an album that FINALLY follows the brilliance known as "Judgment". If you are a fan of this soul sundering enigma, then this is very recommended to you.