Anathema - Eternity CD


Eternity. The album that left behind all the roots of the band’s past, left behind the reason due to which the band had gained so much fame, the past I speak about here is the time when the band played Doom. This album onwards the band opted for a more atmospheric and alternative rock approach. I personally like the band’s new genre and taste for music because I personally never liked their earlier works. Even though this album certainly isn’t the band’s best work in their new catalogue this certainly is one of their best.

The versatility of this band is amazing and this is truly portrayed through out this album. Slow acoustic tracks, heavier, faster paced electric guitar based tracks, instrumentals, this release alone has them all. Take the intro to each track for example, you have them being performed once on the acoustic guitar, once on the electric guitar, the next one on the bass guitar and one even using mild and subtle touches of orchestration!