Anacrusis - Hindsight: Reason 2-LP (Black vinyl)


Gatefold 2-LP, huge booklet, 180 gram, bonus tracks, you just need this.

So there you have it, a rare example of when a re-do makes perfect sense. They didn't fuck with anything, they just went for it, and after 20+ years it feels like they've been unfrozen from their cryogenic chambers, as the performances are outstanding here. In the liner notes, Kenn Nardi mentions that on the original recordings there were some "sloppy performances" present, but there weren't really. The real problem was that the production didn't allow them to sound like heavy band that they truly were. Now you can hear the full potential of these songs, much fuller and heavier this time around without losing the ethereal feel of the originals. I'd recommend this compilation to longtime fans of the first two releases, and newcomers alike. In fact, I might even insist on this being the first release someone should hear from Anacrusis.