Anaal Nathrakh ‎- The Codex Necro LP (Clear/Violet Rose vinyl)


180 gram limited to 300 copies

From the sticker:
20th anniversary re-issue of Anaal Nathrakh's first studio album. Includes MP3 download card.

You want evil? You've got evil. This is an album to herald the coming of the end of days. Anaal Nathrakh's debut, The Codex Necro is as loud and as hellish as you think black metal can get. This sticks out from the usual black metal fare by being gritty, urban, and very clearly and loudly produced. The sound is apocalyptic in a very visceral way that makes it sound as harrowing as scenes of laboratory torture chambers and ruined cities burning with entrails shredded and splattered all about. This is a record that makes black metal that is crushing, fast, oppressive, apocalyptic, and fiendish all based around its focus on sheer continent-sinking heaviness and grindcore-like speed and crunch.