ANAAL NATHRAKH - Eschaton Gatefold LP (Clear/Black/Red Splatter Vinyl)
Anaal Nathrakh

ANAAL NATHRAKH - Eschaton Gatefold LP (Clear/Black/Red Splatter Vinyl)

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Well...this is it, in my opinion their best album. The production has been hurled back into the realms of 'The Codex Necro' bringing back the wall of noise, apocalypse-baiting sound that brought Nathrakh their well deserved praise. This, combined with the musical progressions made in 'Domine...' mean this is one hell of an album! You press play and are thrown into a frenzy of chainsaw guitars, blast beat drums and the most gloriously hideous vocals I have ever had the pleasure of having my ears raped by. The songs are all incredible and there is not one that even borders on mediocre, though perhaps the oddest song on the album is the album closer: 'Regression to the mean' (which is a swaggering, almost industrial sounding piece that features Attila Csihar). The lengths vary from between just under 3 minutes up to about 5 minutes but you won't really notice this, you'll be too destracted by the intensity of the may even feel it neccessary to duck occaisionally to avoid having your head blasted off!

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