Anaal Nathrakh - A New Kind Of Horror LP (Black vinyl)


180 gr. black vinyl. Includes MP3 download card & poster.

Despite my slight indifference to a couple of tracks here, namely “The Apocalypse is About You!” and the closer “Are We Fit For Glory Yet? (The War to End Nothing),” I really believe Anaal Nathrakh have trimmed the fat here and have left us with the tenderest parts of this musical T-bone. Evidenced by it’s 10 minute reduction in running time to recent albums, and each track but the first and last in the 3 minute range, there’s no meandering long songs here and no idea feels unfinished, either. The music is more powerful, whether Kenney is bludgeoning you over the head or meticulously torturing you, it sounds a lot more inspired. The vocals have increased their range, too, whether Hunt is singing like a Bee Gee or snarling the word “Satan” at you, it’s all very powerful and from the heart. I never expected to like this as much as I do. A new kind of horror indeed, and one that I hope continues.